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Data Protection

Data protection statement
Each time a user accesses a page within our website and each time a file is opened, the access data about this process are saved in a log file on our server.

Each record consists of:
- the file name
- the date and time of the request
- the transferred data volume
- the access status (file transferred, file not found etc.)
- the client IP address

These data are used exclusively for the purpose of data security and optimization of our website. The data will not be evaluated in any other way except for statistical purposes, but then only in anonymous form. No personal web browsing profiles or similar personal profiles are created or processed.

In addition, personal data are only stored if you provide them yourself, e.g. during registration, for a newsletter, a price draw, an online promotion or to execute an agreement. The respective input and contact forms contain information about the purpose of the data being gathered. Such data are transmitted encrypted over the Internet. We only use your data for promotional purposes if you have explicitly given your agreement. No linkage to the access data mentioned above takes place.

User rights
Users have the right to receive free information about the personal data kept about them. In addition, in accordance with relevant legal provisions, users have the right to request that personal data be corrected, blocked or deleted. Should you have such a request please email info@draeger.com.

Cookies are small text files which can be temporarily stored on your hard drive. These files simplify your navigation on the website and have a technical function. Cookie information is only used to further improve the website for users. This includes information about the web browser used, the time spent with our offers and which websites you have visited. We use both so-called "session cookies" which are only saved intermediately for the duration your use of our website and "permanent cookies" which retain information on visitors who repeatedly access our website. The purpose of cookies is to provide you with the best possible user guidance. Our website can also be used without cookies. You can disable the storage of cookies in your browser, limit it to specific websites or adjust your browser to prompt you whenever a cookie is sent. However, please note that if you limit cookies, you have to expect a limited display of the relevant page or limited user guidance.
Cookies may also be used on linked pages without us being able to alert you beforehand.

During login session cookies are required because we use the single sign-on concept which facilitates authentication and access control in different areas of our portal.

This includes the setup of a "session" between the client and server allowing you to move within the whole portal without having to log in to each area separately. This session is represented by a cookie storing a randomly generated number.

The cookie also stores the login information allocated to you (user name, access rights and session validity) for access control purposes. Instead of asking you for the renewed input of your login information, the cookie is sent to the server and accepted as proof of identity.

There is no linkage to personal data and the activities of a user cannot be traced.

Upon request, you can choose to have your user name saved permanently in a third cookie. During frequent use of the portal this simplifies your login, because your user name will already be completed in the login form and you only have to enter the password. This method poses risks to the user because your login data may be misused by third parties.

Changes to the data protection statement
If we introduce new products or services, modify our methodology for using the Internet or if Internet and IT security technology develops further, the "data protection statement" may need to be updated. We therefore reserve the right to modify or amend this statement as may be required. We will publish the changes at this location. You should therefore regularly open this website in order to inform yourself about the current status of the data protection statement.

All information contained in this website has been checked with greatest care. However, we cannot guarantee that the content of our own websites is always correct, complete or up-to-date.

Third party websites
We occasionally refer or link to third party websites. Although we select such third parties carefully, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the contents and the data security of third party websites. Nor does this data protection statement apply to linked third party websites.

We welcome and value any questions and comments you might have on the topic of data protection. You can contact us at any time.



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